Hunter + Breanna | Arizona Water Session

Rio Verde Engagement 1.jpg

“So to start Makayla is such a fun and positive personality she makes the whole event the most fun! From Candids to plunging into ice cold water she always get the best shot! She makes waking up early worth it! Next is the turn around, we got our pictures done early this morning and by 4pm we had them all in our email! Lastly but most importantly her attention to detail is second to none! Her ideas for pictures and poses are amazing. It brought my fiancée to tears and made my eyes sweat (Ok fine I cried a little) 10/10 I recommend her 1776%!” - Hunter

A few days ago Laura Moore (my awesome boss/friend/life mentor/the person that taught me how to do this crazy amazing job) asked me why I do what I do. It took me a while to figure out an answer that wasn’t just the typical “because I love love” cheesiness that most people want to hear.

For me it’s all about the experience. It’s not about getting a photo for a save the date card (even though it does make me happy when couples send me those) or about making a couple look sexy in the water. I truly love what I do because I can help people have an experience they wouldn’t have anywhere else and make unique memories. When else are you able to say “Yeah that time when we dunked ourselves in freezing water, tried not to float down the river and laughed so hard we cried”? I love adventure but even more than that I love experiences.

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The Hills are Alive | Stowe, Vermont | The Trapp Family Lodge Wedding

Cloudy skies, sprinkling rain, and shining love is what dream weddings are made of. We flew into Portland, Maine for a few shoots then drove to Stowe, Vermont. As a desert rat that has never seen true fall colors I was AMAZED. When I asked my second shooter, Miranda, if leaves that color of red actually existed she thought I was joking.

The Trapp Family Lodge was an absolutely incredible venue. (Yes… the Trapp family… from The Sound of Music.) The architecture of the lodge and the rolling hills of fall colors were to die for. I’m not exaggerating when I say that everything was PERFECT. The rain rolled in and out before the ceremony tempting us to move things to an indoor location, but Will made the call to keep the ceremony outside and the rain disappeared. Every person that was a part of the wedding was kind, caring, and above all else 100% there for the bride and groom. Sarah and Will were graceful, elegant, classy, and truly a blast to be with! We’re so thankful to have been a part of their special day.


Photography: Makayla McGarvey Photography as LKM associate | Venue: The Trapp Family Lodge | Coordinator: Saunie Sirch | Wedding dress: Madeline’s Daughter | Bridesmaid dresses: Express | Hair: Sandra w/Caroline’s Salon Touche | Florist: Nectar and Root | Musician: Red House Band, Dean Goodermote | Officiant: Reverand John Lucy | Bride’s shoes: Bella Belles | Groom’s shoes: Nordstrom | Suits: Suit Supply | groom’s gift to bride: The Night Sky | Second shooter: Miranda Rico

Salt River Splashin' | Water Session | Arizona Adventure Wedding Photography

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I’m SO PUMPED to share this post with you guys! Danny and Megan rocked a water session in the Salt River this week and I’m gushing about how amazing they are. And if you’re thinking about me taking the photos in the water….. yes…. I did balance in the river current while standing on slipper moss, holding my camera gear above the water… no pressure. It was so worth it! Adventure couples don’t forget to book a session :)

Windy Point Lovin' | Mt. Lemmon Engagement Session | Jason + Desiree

Jason and Desiree are getting married tomorrow! We had such a blast on Mt. Lemmon this morning during their love story session. They were absolute troupers for getting to the top of the mountain before the sun came up so we could get some awesome lighting :) 

South Africa Wildlife Photography | Reflecting on the Trip of a Lifetime


Hey y'all thanks for checking out my blog! I can't believe it's been over a year since my trip to South Africa. I've spent this last year reflecting, building my business, and dreaming of future travels. Rewinding to July of 2016, as a sophomore in college I was genuinely becoming bored with the classes I was enrolled in. While I was learning valuable information I was also craving adventure and the type of experience that was not obtainable sitting in a dark classroom listening to lectures. I started spending my class time on my computer researching other options... whoops sorry for not listening to your lectures professors. After A LOT of searching and sending resumes I received an email that I was accepted to a wildlife photography internship in South Africa. I was about to be pushed way out of my comfort zone. 

Fast forward to June of 2017. I was about to start my 40 hour journey on my first solo international trip. I didn't know anyone else going on the trip and I was honestly terrified. I had no idea what a magical journey I was in for. After arriving in Mossel Bay I instantly connected with the photographers, videographers, journalists, field specialists and locals. I'm incredibly thankful for all of them, they made my experience unforgettable and I'll cherish our memories for the rest of my life. 

My highlights from Mossel Bay included diving with White Shark Africa, watching surfers at the point, and hiking for an incredible view of Cape St Blaize lighthouse and a spot overlooking the town. Memories not pictured include late nights at Friends Pub and Grill and lots of intern bonding time in the Lavender House!

On a more serious note, an incredibly impactful part of the trip revolved around the arson lit fires. After seeing smoke pour out from behind the cliffs and over the ocean we loaded ourselves into the back of a pick up truck and took off through the smoke and ash, not knowing what we would find. Following are photographs from the cemetery we arrived at that had been set on fire and the smoke that was covering the town.

The rest of the trip was the best kind of adventure. I had the opportunity to see every animal you can imagine, ones that I never thought I would never have a chance to photograph.

I was lucky enough to get up close and personal with lions, elephants and giraffes but the rhinos hold a special place in my heart. Before this trip I was uneducated about the poaching problems associated with rhinos and their horns. Seeing these majestic animals so close and the devastating scenes of poaching set my heart on fire. I even tried to join an antipoaching unit and move to Africa.... but that's a longer story for another time.    

Another thing that I felt an unexplainable connection to were the mountains and stars. The vast valleys lead way to the most incredible mountains... the kind of landscapes that could swallow you whole. 

I can't put into words how thankful I am for all of the opportunities that I've had and the people I've met. This trip changed my life in ways I could have never imagined. 

Now that I've reflected on my time in Africa here's an update on my life! Since I got back to the states from South Africa I've graduated from the University of Arizona and am currently based in Arizona. I tried many times and many different ways to move to Africa.... but God had other plans for my life. I am now a destination wedding photographer and LOVE my job. I've been traveling all over as a Laura K Moore Photography associate capturing couples on their wedding day which is an absolute blast. I've shot in Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas, Maine, and Vermont. If you want to see my upcoming travels feel free to follow my Instagram! Also if you haven't seen my newly renovated website check it out! If you've made it all the way through my long post thanks for reading :)

South Africa prints are available! Email for print details!