About Me

I often get the question “Why do you do what you do?” My answer every time is so my clients can experience adventure. The “remember that time when we dunked ourselves in freezing cold water, tried not to float down the river, and laughed until we cried” memories are what I live for!

Are we as great of a match as you and your fiance? Read through my vision and see if it matches yours :)

I’m not afraid of a little rain, climbing into bushes, or a hike to get the best shot possible of you on your wedding day! I love adventurous couples that want to go through a little extra effort to get to the best photo spots… that is without turning it into a 30 mile backpacking trip. Let’s get out in nature and make some memorable moments! The kind that will make you laugh and look back on your wedding day thinking about how much fun you had with photos (even for the grooms that decide that being in photos in the bane of their existence) I’ll get a few laughs out of you too :)

A little more about me:

  • I love travel and wildlife photography :) Check out those photos HERE

  • I'm totally obsessed with dogs... not in a weird she has 15 dogs kind of way but I definitely turn into a big pile of mush if I see a cute puppy.

  • Country music is my jam. If you play it at your wedding I’ll definitely end up on the dance floor with you.

  • I’m based in Arizona but spend more than half of my time traveling!

I was featured on Voyage Phoenix! Check out my story HERE!

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