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Tanner + Rylee | Sedona, Arizona

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“Makayla McGarvey is your dream photographer, she knows every pose in the book on the spot, she makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed for us non photogenic people. There was not a single photo that I received back from her that I wasn't happy with. All of the photos looked very natural and she always made sure to get the best side of you. It was a blast getting photos done by her and I would never go to anyone else. The quality of her photos are amazing and she has the perfect eye to capture all the perfect moments. I'm sure if you have scrolled through her albums you already know what I'm talking about. If your like me looking through her albums you just don't want to stop scrolling, you think you have a favorite and then you just keep scrolling and continue to find more and are amazed by all of her photos. Whether it's her African safari, her wedding photos of the couple with the airplane, her Ireland trip, her water photos, Colorado photos or Sedona photos... the list goes on and she will continue to amaze you. Makayla goes everywhere and is the best wherever she goes. Whats even better than looking through her albums of everyone else is when you get to go through your own album and fall not only in love with beautiful photos you got back but also the memories you made getting them taken. Makayla gets your photos back to you very fast and sends you seek peeks along the way which is very exciting as you're anxiously waiting to see how they turned out. Also don't even worry about location, Makayla knows the land. She is one heck of a gal and explores for the best locations for her photography sessions. She can make a bare dry desert even look beautiful and if your worried about the weather or timing, don't be Makayla comes packed with all the gear you could need for any situation whether it be rain, darkness or the lighting. Makayla doesn't let the weather get in her way or in the way of the quality of the photos she captures, she embraces it and is equipped with all the gear to continue shooting. She is my go to girl and I mean just look at her albums and they speak for themselves! 100% recommend Makayla McGarvey Photography if you are looking to get quality photos taken, have a great time doing it, and get all your photos back in a timely manner. Makayla McGarvey is your go to gal for any and all occasions!!!!” - Rylee