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Hunter + Breanna | Arizona Water Session

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“So to start Makayla is such a fun and positive personality she makes the whole event the most fun! From Candids to plunging into ice cold water she always get the best shot! She makes waking up early worth it! Next is the turn around, we got our pictures done early this morning and by 4pm we had them all in our email! Lastly but most importantly her attention to detail is second to none! Her ideas for pictures and poses are amazing. It brought my fiancée to tears and made my eyes sweat (Ok fine I cried a little) 10/10 I recommend her 1776%!” - Hunter

A few days ago Laura Moore (my awesome boss/friend/life mentor/the person that taught me how to do this crazy amazing job) asked me why I do what I do. It took me a while to figure out an answer that wasn’t just the typical “because I love love” cheesiness that most people want to hear.

For me it’s all about the experience. It’s not about getting a photo for a save the date card (even though it does make me happy when couples send me those) or about making a couple look sexy in the water. I truly love what I do because I can help people have an experience they wouldn’t have anywhere else and make unique memories. When else are you able to say “Yeah that time when we dunked ourselves in freezing water, tried not to float down the river and laughed so hard we cried”? I love adventure but even more than that I love experiences.

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Salt River Splashin' | Water Session | Arizona Adventure Wedding Photography

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I’m SO PUMPED to share this post with you guys! Danny and Megan rocked a water session in the Salt River this week and I’m gushing about how amazing they are. And if you’re thinking about me taking the photos in the water….. yes…. I did balance in the river current while standing on slipper moss, holding my camera gear above the water… no pressure. It was so worth it! Adventure couples don’t forget to book a session :)

Windy Point Lovin' | Mt. Lemmon Engagement Session | Jason + Desiree

Jason and Desiree are getting married tomorrow! We had such a blast on Mt. Lemmon this morning during their love story session. They were absolute troupers for getting to the top of the mountain before the sun came up so we could get some awesome lighting :)